Surprise and Alarm!
Orannis said:
Punch the eye!

You get a weird feeling that you’d only hurt yourself by doing that, and even if you wanted to, your arms don’t quite bend that way, despite how flexible you are. And you’re very flexible.

Galamay said:
Tinkle the bell around her neck!
Phrux said:
Poke the eye!

But a little poke couldn’t hurt, right? You ignore the sprites over your shoulders for now and decide to focus on what’s important, and that’s figuring out what the hell is it that you’re wearing (Or that seems to be wearing you?)

At any rate, the thing on your neck seems to be moving, so you check it with your finger.

Ouch! How dare you, insolent creature!

Falling said:
Try to remove the Armor

You try to take it off, but you don’t seem to be able to fit your fingers between the armor and your skin, you also don’t find any joints in the armor. Maybe it’s magically attached to you? Well, it IS a talking armor.

Philote said:
Panic! Throw that perverted armor off you so you can have a conversation without it creeping on you.
Willthejester said:
They should both start panicky screaming at each other as they try to separate from each other

You have a quick mental breakdown while thinking of all the consequences of wearing this armor forever.

Will you stop and calm down for a second?! You’re making me want to hurl and I don’t even have a mouth!

Okay okay, weird booming voice has a point, despite the circumstances this is the least of your reasons for concern, you need to find a way out of this cave fast.

KinkyQuill said:
okay, shoulder angel and shoulder devil makes sense. mysterious talking armor, odd but not unheard of. so let's get our cards on the table: does Ophi get any powers out of this arrangement?

You didn’t expect a literal card, but you guess that works.

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