Time for some plot!
Chronos said:
Touch the Angels boobs to confirm she's real.

You poke the small angel smack in the middle of her chest, her huge rack makes you feel like you’re pressing down on a marshmallow.

Come now, Darling, I know this is all new for you, but we have more important things to talk about!

Orexius said:
Try to unbuckle the devil's boob belt :^)

Being very skilled at using both hands at the same time, you also tug on the other sprite’s “clothing” and ‘lo and behold, it does feel like a very thin metal buckle on a leather belt. The impish thing doesn’t seem the least bit amused.

Hey watch it! I might be tiny but I can still smack you in the nose!

Vayne359 said:
Ask who the two sprites are and why they're here.
Dark Master said:
Who are you two? Why are you here? (Probably a good time for them to say what their fields of speciality are and what they do.)
Skwerly Joe said:
Say, "Can you please help me understand what's going on? I'm really scared and confused. I need to get out of here!"

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