The heart of sin
Falling said:
Before that what if I need to go to the bathroom? If I cant get this armor off?

What a silly question, you’re a fictional character, you don’t have to worry about that.

“Besides!” Cinder interrupts you.
“If you DID need to take it off for… Reasons, the armor can change shapes at will. It IS a living armor after all.”

Eep said:
View The next room? No big, stupid quest or sacrifice? Let's do it, then!
Vayne359 said:
Investigate the next room and consult the two sprites for their opinions.
Orexius said:
Time to go and inspect this Hearth of Sin room for the "on" button (with obvious camera angle on all three ladies delightful derrieres as they go.)

You slowly follow the sprites to the next chamber, being careful not to trigger any more weird traps. The next room is dominated by a giant purple crystal floating lazily in the middle of the room. Somehow it seems… Dead, like a burnt out lamp.

Genis94 said:
Okay, Hearth of Sin... That's probably a good thing to rekindle, right? Not like we have many alternatives right now.
Phrux said:
Go kindle some sin! What could possibly go wrong!
Riles said:
Kindle that flame! And maybe reconsider taking over the world.

Well, here it is!

It’s not burning though!! Damn, it took so many people to light it the first time!
How are we gonna make it work this time?

Wait, there’s still a very faint light inside…
I bet just a little spark would be enough.

Okay wait, what are you saying then? Are we stuck here or not?

Well, the Hearth of Sin is powered by lust… Maybe if we could give it just a little boost…

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

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