Turning it “on”
Orannis said:
Grab the two fairies and rub them on the crystal. They seem to have enough lust to power a battlecruiser.
Philote said:
Now we find out if she is the flustered red with embarrassment type or the sexually oblivious kind. React appropriately.

Frustrated with the situation you miss the sprites’ innuendo by a mile.

You grab them and rub them into the crystal, those clothes alone should be enough to make anyone horny.

Hey hey, time out, time out! That hurts!

Master! Don’t do that!

The rubbing isnt working, looks like you need to try other thing

Eep said:
You know, these sprites seem to be acting like they're running the show. If Ophi's going to be the new overlord, this is a good chance to take charge and make *them* supply the lust! Or at the very least require some "service" from them.
KinkyQuill said:
Ophi, with all due respect, doesn't seem very imaginative. If we want to get her motor purring, we'll need a visual. Politely ask the sprites to make-out.
Fishbat said:
Have the shoulder angel and devil make out while you sit on the crystal and masturbate. Teamwork!

Have your brains all gone down to your boobs? That’s not what we meant you doofus! This is what you need to do!

Eh? Cinder? What are you… Ahhh….

Masturbate, Shlick, Spank it, you get it??? The energy released when you cum should go into the crystal!

Travis said:
Welp, time to spank the monkey as they say; and by that I mean masturbate

Well… You suppose it’s been a while since the last time you did it, and you’re a bunny after all, it’s your nature!

You decide to try and ignore the two girls around your ears and take the time to relax a bit, perhaps it will help you figure this situation out. But first… How do you even reach into…


Well, They did say it was a living armor… You try your best to ignore the implications of that and take a deep breath…

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Use the fairies to masturbate, they could eat you out, suck your clit, or even yous your clit like a dick on them they are small enough that that would work(nipples could ably hear as well), or even use them like dildos

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