The tower rising

Oh boy it feels good, with all this running it’d been a while since the last time you decided to get off like this. The cold, smooth metal gloves make it feel all the better, like it’s actually someone else doing it for you, and each touch is a bit of a jolt of pleasure.


Fishbat said:
Ask the armor to play with yer titties!
Orexius said:
It's living armor, and it's got it's hands on your boobs. Start groping and squeezing to help out already, armor!
TheGrandG said:
I think we should get the suit to help out. if it's the reason we're doing all this in the first place, we might as well get some benefit off it. You know, the "bra" (I hesitate to call it that) does look startlingly like a pair of hands...
HoneyFire said:
Maybe her living armor can offer something to help speed up the process?

Hey, big guy, maybe you could help the girl a bit, you know?

In your own little world, the sound of the sprite’s voice barely registers, until…

Oooh, It’s been a long time since I’ve had a chance to do this!!

W-what… O-oh wow… Maybe you could get used to this armor after all… In the back of your mind you wonder if you can make it vibrate. You decide to ask that later.

It doesn’t take too long before you start to feel your body shake as you reach the best orgasm you’ve had in the last few months, and your body goes limp, with a smile plastered on your face.

You ignore the sprites and continue lying down on the ground, feeling the aftershocks of your climax…

Master, it’s working!


Is the ground shaking?

What’s happening?!

The tower is coming back alive!

Tower? What tower?

Oh boy

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