The mushroom minions
Genis94 said:
Huh... An army might be just what we need to solve that little financial problem... Why not have the... boys(?) follow you around to intimidate any of those pesky debt collectors.

You have an inkling that the merchant guild’s debt collectors won’t be scared by a bunch of tiny shroom-people

Orexius said:
How exactly did Elma "encounter" these beasts? And let's find some stairs so our cute bois can bask in the sexy glory that is their new ruler; maybe ask Larahmal how they qualify for an evil army.
DerWeltGeist said:
There is an army now, why not go down to greet them and get better acquainted with them?

Let’s get down! I must know why my wonderful army is now a bunch of *fluffy* mushrooms!

As much as I’d love to, I don’t see a way down.

What do you mean you don’t see it, it’s right there, girl!

You are absolutely sure that wasn’t there before, but for the sake of continuity you decide not to say anything

BoobyQuest said:
Ask the talking eye about the Army, what can they do and stuff like that.
Dark Master said:
Time to learn how to command your minions. Do the red caps have any special abilities? Are there other minion types that you need to recover as part of your upcoming quest?

My mighty army used to have all kinds of evil monsters! Dragons, goblins, demons, politicians… Even telemarketers!

But are those mushrooms really part of an army? They look like they couldn’t harm a fly

What are you talking about? They can multiply themselves in days, and recover from harm in hours, they’re the perfect frontline army!

Hm, I guess they really are pretty strong…

Surely enough, entering the door with the sign brings you down to the floor you wanted, although you have no idea how you got there.

George said:
Coo over how cute the army is.
jade said:
Aww, adorable evil mushrooms! Presumably of death.
HoneyFire said:
The answer is obviously go and hug all the small adorable mushroom people.

But they’re SO CUTE!!!

Not as many as before, but there’s still a lot of them.

furball said:
Have Ophi make HER new army do something ... impressive? ... just to see if it works.
AgentOll said:
Encourage the army to do a Laola-wave.

So… If I’m wearing you, does that mean they take orders from me now? Let’s see… Come on everyone raise your hands!

KinkyQuill said:
greet your new minions, Ophi! And see if they don't have some sort of representative you can talk to.

So… do these guys have a leader that I can talk to?

Yeah… they do.

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