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well, now the question is who should we find first?

Llylweyn said:
Pick the engineer, she's obviously more... well endowed in her craft.

Well, I know an engineer called Lily, she works in the city’s docks.

But Bleu’s debt collectors are on the hunt for me, so we’ll have to find a way of getting into town.

Azure said:
Ophi thinks about the time she helped out with a rather 'forbidden' experiment once, that they must never know about!

You’re reminded of the “secret prototype” Lily made for you some time ago… Girl, it was a good one. It’s now gone with everything in your tavern though. You wonder if Lily is mad at you for it. Lily is really fond of her dildos after all.

Okay, that sounds good enough, but we’ll need someone who can work with the old magiks that imbue the tower machinery with the Hearth’s power.

luna said:
Go find the mage first

I know an elf outcast who’s crazy about his research of old ruins and magical artifacts, he should be somewhere in the mountains right about now.

He used to visit my tavern a lot… before it burned up 🙁

Bah, I’ve never trusted the elves in my life and I still don’t since I’ve been undead, but I think that’s our best shot.

This is no time to be racist Ceres!

Remember: All races are equally inferior no matter where they come from or how they look.

At any rate, we need to decide who we’ll go find first, we should hurry and fix the tower before *they* find us and decide to attack us!

Well, then it seems we need a plan, My Lord.

What do we fix first?

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