Sneak in
Dyro said:
Disguises and Cover Stories! A lord merchant and his "mistress", don't tell his wife, they have business inside!

You entertain the idea for a few minutes, but ultimately discard it. Where would you find a fake mustache out here?

EdWood said:
Use Ceres' head and throw it as a distraction
KinkyQuill said:
send ceres out to sedu- distract the guards how she sees fit, then walk through the door.

A voice in your head tells you this is a terrible idea, but you do it anyway. (In your “head” … Hey, I made a joke! … Cause she’s a Dullahan? … Ah, Balls.)

Sorry, Ceres, I need you to help me here!

Damn yoooooooooou!!!

What, have you never seen a Dullahan before!?

Llywelyn said:
They have a hoard of Minions. Perhaps Ceres can lead them in causing a distraction so Ophi can sneak in undetected?
Genis94 said:
Well, we do have an abundance of durable minions here, right? Time to put them to work! Have them jump the guards while we sneak past!
Vandoom said:
Throw one of the mushroom minions at the mouse guards, perhaps when they hit them they will let out spores that will distract or disable the guards in some fashion
????? said:
As the guards leave their posts to investigate the flying head, you take the opportunity to sic your mushroom army onto the guards
jade said:
Send some mushroom minions to lure them away!
Webcolover said:
Have Ceres send the mushroom army to abduct the guards so they can enter without being seen!

Ok, ok we got it! We’ll use the minions…

Now its your turn, little ones! Go get them!

Good job! While the Mushroom troupe “distracts” the guards, you to stealthily sneak into town!

George said:
Knock out the two guards (through sexual exhaustion) and take their clothes!

Okay, I’m in… Now, time to find Lily. I wonder if she’s at work?

You’re in! You should probably go and find Lily, but it’s been so long since you’ve been to town that a little detour wouldn’t hurt. Where do you go now?

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