Fueling The Hearth
jade said:
Well a trip to the marketplace can't hurt, maybe you'll find some..."interesting" items to buy/steal/seduce away.
Huginn said:
Time to go shopping. Get a carrot.
E said:
Go to the market and ask for directions

You consider visiting the market, but the guards there will certainly recognize you, so you leave that for later.

Genis94 said:
Say, you mentioned our army was pretty small earlier. Any ideas on how we can fix that? Like, do those little guys just spread spores like normal mushrooms?

Yes, Internet person. The mushminions spread spores that eventually grow into more mushminions.

They would be quite a hazard for the environment, if they weren’t so low in the food chain, that is.

KinkyQuill said:
if we rob the commerce guild, that could help finance whatever it is ophi's trying to do. plus we can window shop at the brothel on the way!

Borrowing money from the commerce guild was what got you into this mess in the first place, you’d rather not repeat the process with air quotes around it this time. Especially since they’ll be looking for you.

George said:
Go to the old tavern to see if you can find any old keepsakes.
Vandoom said:
Travel the back alleys and make your way to the Old Tavern
infernalperson said:
Maybe stop by the tavern to see who could be encouraged to join the team?
Pretzels4000 said:
check out her old tavern see if there is any thing to salvage
Bainick said:
Wouldn't it be nice to see how the ol' Tavern is holding up. For innocent reasons of course.
Orexius said:
Making a beeline to Lily might be the best plan for now, at least until you can find a cloak or such to cover your rather attention-capturing armor so you can move about without all eyes on your chest or cheeks.
Magotrap said:
Go to Lily's house. Avoid any unwanted attention. Find a robe if you have to. Maybe on the detour ho to the brothel. Maybe you'll find some "Assistants" there.
Azure said:
To the Brothel! But navigating through the maze like ally ways she finds herself around the backside of the Tavern!

Ophi: Well… Here it is, my old place… Or what’s left of it .

Hey cheer up, Boobs Bunny, you’ve got an even bigger place now.

Hm… You’re right, I guess. Let’s go, we have to find Lily before the guards find us.

… Of course that would happen. Well, it’ll have to do.

Wait… I can feel a large source of lust power nearby, we have to investigate! For… Reasons!

Dinii Onwards said:
to the brothel for some fun!
Travis said:
To the brothel! (can't hurt to be there for a TINY bit yea?)
Llywelyn said:
Get distracted and head to the brothel. Undoubtedly, the ladies there can be paid for "information".
furball said:
Go check the brothel, maybe you find a few ... willing *wink, wink* new allies?

Of course that’s what you pervs would be after… Ahem… Putting on the cloak you found, you easily maneuver through the alleyways and find yourself in front of “the powerful source of lust energy” Which is…

What is this place, it’s wonderful!

It’s huh… A place where enterprising young women come to find some good, paying company.

A brothel then.

Well… Yes.

This is wonderful! All this lust in one place, we could use it to fuel the Hearth!

What do you mean?

You’ll see, we just need to materialize all these girl’s most shady, innermost desires…


Woah! Are you the one doing this?

Of course! Don’t underestimate me! I am still the dreaded Overlord Larahmal, after all!

These shadows are the manifestations of the lust inside these girl’s hearts, the tentacles will suck the essence of their lust inside your armor, and then we can use it to power the tower when we get back!

Well, it all just seems a little….

Too Much?

What the hell is this now?

Shush, that’s for them!  You’re not supposed to talk about it!

Holy crap you weren’t kidding when you said you owed them money!

“caution, loud alarm audio!”

Wait, what’s that?!

Oh shit, it’s the city’s alarm!

Ceres and the minions must’ve gotten the city’s attention at the gates, quick, let’s go and find Lily while they’re distracted!

Credits for:
Main art and animation: Carnivate
Tavern art: Lace
Text support and correction: leonWhitestar

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Did the mushrooms manage to recruit the two gate guards? Those girls were cute.

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