Not so fast
Jaganad said:
How well do we control the Mushrooms? Telepathic commands that allow us to micromanage their movements? If yes, lead the guards on a merry goose chase, acquire prisoners to give some lusting... If no, use the chaos to get to the mechanic pronto.

While the mushminions are a sort of hivemind by themselves, we still need Ceres to talk to them to order them around.

Bunnybulge said:
See if there's any man in the brothel for you to abduc- convert. Yeah. Then run the hell off to lily's house and hide there.

Well, there were men in the Brothel, but the artist sent us a note saying he can’t draw dudes in his style yet, so we’ve retconned them out of existence.

Azure said:
Bestow two followers with power, then send them out to gather more followers in the town, like a zombie plague until the guards are overrun with sea sex crazed girls. Also find Lily before she gets sexed.

I think you took the wrong turn at the high school of the dead crossing, go straight until you reach the raccoon city highway and then turn right….

Back to the story though!

“caution, loud alarm audio!”

Genis94 said:
Uh oh... I get the feeling we're still pretty conspicuous like this. To Lily without delay! Friends help friends avoid getting arrested, right?
Magotrap said:
Hopefully the guards will be focusing on Ceres and the Mushminions. Use that to get Lily. If you see guards, use your followers to distract them.
KinkyQuill said:
first, learn whatever you can about your three new followers, then send them off to act as a distraction for any guards heading your way, then finally go straight to lily!

Sounds like a good plan but…

The girls are exausted, we cant bring them with us! 🙁

Knolden said:
Head to Lily's place Via the Market. Probably safer than going anywhere near the Commerce Guild. And an opportunity for gain might present itself.
HoppingOn said:
Best be quick and find Lily before we the guards find us!
The Guy said:
Use your hidden ability "Nigerundayo!" and hightail it out of there. It's either you or the minions.

Ophi doesn’t have that ability, this the best we could do:

Jade said:
Oh shit rum!!!!

Yes, rum. Now can we please get on with it? We’re running out of panels!

This is it! It’s Lily’s house! I hope she’s home… Let’s go around, her workshop is in the back.

Who’s there? Ophi? Ophi!! I thought you had fled the island! How are you here? Are the sirens because of you? Wait, what are you… *wearing?*

You’re not much better yourself, lassie

Shush Cinder.


Sorry, Lily, there’s no time to explain! I need you to help me fix a machine I found in an old ruined tower!

If I may interject, I don’t believe helping a fugitive escape town is a good idea.

It talks!!!!

Oh yes! Ophi, this is Dias. Short for L.U.D.I.A.S. (Lily’s Ultimate Do-It-All Steambot) Mark II.

Ophi: Mark II? It hasn’t been that long since I left town, what happened to Mark I?

Well….. Let’s just say it’s first experimentation wasn’t so successful…

Anyway, what kind of machine is it?

Well… It’s a big black tower… And it works with a huge crystal…

Hmmm… Machinery from the Crystal Age… I definitely want to see that, it’s amazing that it still works!

We’ll have to find a way to get out of town though…

Don’t worry, Dias here is very well armored!


That will help for sure.
Now we need to get out of the city … and fast

Good, maybe now we can get out of this town, the alarm is giving me a headache. Oh wait, don’t tell me…

Not so fast, mon cherri!

Oooh shit…

Crap, crap, crap, It’s Bleu!

What’s up with these people showing up at the end of the post?!

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Well now. This looks interesting.


Oh no, men have been retconned. Poor boys, never able to appreciate Ophis’ future rule.

Is that only for men or for all forms of penises? Asking now so I don’t bring this up later.


well we certanly will have monsters and other humanoid creatures, im still working on dat 🙂


Okay, so why does Bleu sound/look so familiar?

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