Welcome to the dark side

In the last episode of Ophi’s Quest!


Are you friends with Jotariel too?

Who is this misterious girl, why are there skelletons running around, and why are they dancing with the mushrooms?! Find out in today’s episode of Ophi’s Quest!

Yo yo yo, this is MY job, get off you terrible excuse for an Anime voice over!


Seriously, the nerve of these people!


What now?!

Are you guys done?

Err, yes ma’am, sorry ma’am.

Okay then, go on, master.

Orexius said:
A few mysteries to be solved here. Why is Egor running, this girl looks friendly enough, she obviously just wanted to bone with him. Who is this girl with her spooky skull sword? And, can this sword turn into a dildo, and if so, can she show us ;3.
Hi_nice said:
Can the sword turn into a dildo?

You guys are really obsessed with phaluses aren’t you?

I don’t know, can you Jóta?

Of course not you dumb girl, I’m a sword!

Hey! Be nice to the girl! We’ve just seen this armor turn into a bunch of tentacles, so if you can’t turn into anything that’s your fault!

Bleeeeh, you meanie!

Ryuran said:
So, sword dude. What's his deal?

Umm… Yes? What’s his deal, old man? Are we friends with him?

Old man? How dare you! I’ll let you know I’m not even a thousand and fifty years old! …

Ahem, yes, John is one of my vassals, a good friend and one of the best lieutenants in service of Ceres!

Eronas said:
Ask John if he’d terribly mind if we give this delectable bit of wolf girl a proper tentacly greeting? And if he doesn’t object give her the same treatment the mouse gals got!

Bruh!.. Not cool! She is with me, no need for any tentacly business here.

OniegedLord said:
Hey Larhamal sounds like you have some history with, Jotariel. so what are are you two, friends? Rivals?Enemies? Frenemies!?
Woodlelewd said:
Ophi, your poor friend of long-eared persuasion seems a bit distraught for some unfathomable reason. Kill two birds with one stone - Let Jhon and Lars catch up, and fill your friend in.
Griss said:
This is the second member of the overlord's army we've found who's been turned into gear. What's going on with that?

Well… If we must…

Ooohhh, the screen is distorting, it’s spooky flashback time!

During our last battle, Lucia used her powers to tear the land apart. Our forces got scattered and we couldn’t regroup in time…

We couldn’t marshal fast enough. Lucia’s crusaders were ready and quickly wiped our divided forces…

Still a bit of an overkill if you ask me, even a thousand years later…

So how are you all alive then? I mean… “alive”.

When Lucia sealed us in that orb the hearth must’ve protected the souls of our allies…

And we were freed when the seal was undone then?

Seems like it! And clearly not all of us turned into pieces of armor, or else you wouldn’t be here in one piece, big girl.

Well… Two pieces.

Ahá! Does that mean my generals have all returned with me? Wait, of course, they are, they’re the servants of the great Larahmal! A couple of old goddesses wouldn’t be able to finish them!

Bro, big chance! If their bodies still exist… hell yeah. I wasn’t so lucky though, my body was destroyed in the counter-attack, so I had to find something to hold my soul. Luckily the creepy guy in the tentacle pit had taught me some tricks before I went down!

Does that mean more weird people will keep showing up?

Yay, even more friends!

So, wait wait wait, stop, go back.

You mean the legends are real!? The ruins here are from an old enemy defeated by Lucia? I knew it! But how are you here? What sort of magic could hold a soul for so long, and how to even bind it to an object like that?!

Dude, his eyes are freaking me out. And I’m a skeleton sword.

Hahaha, don’t worry, Elgor is always like that.

Yeah he’s just… geeking out a bit.

Eganrad said:
Have Jhon wink to mock Larahmal

No, bad! Bad player! No mocking the evil overlord!

Well anyway, it’s great to be back, Lars.

It’s great to have you back too, but we’re here for the elf.

An immense ammount of power would be needed for that, but there’s no crystal that large, is there? How did that happen…… Wait…

What elf? Me?! Why me? Are you gonna feed me to those skeletons? Please don’t, I’m all skin and bones!


Eeeep, sorry.

Okay, calm down, let me explain first.

For the sake of everyone’s sanity we’ve cut out the part that everyone already knows. Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming…

… One long explanation later …

And you wanted ME to study it?! Are you sure? No, don’t answer, of course you’re sure! That’s the greatest discovery of this age! A crystal that large… What kind of power can it even hold…

Don’t get too excited welder boy, we didn’t have many other options.

Most of the tower uses magical essence from the crystal to work. So, we needed someone who could figure out what’s wrong with it, since I’m missing my own science guy…

That’s so exciting…! Can I have a room for my research?

As long as you do your job, you can have anything you want. The old laboratory should do fine, I’ll even give you some assistants.

This is the happiest day of my life…

Hey, I want a room for me as well.

We’ll see about that…

Oh oh! And I want an unicorn!

By the way, who are you again??

Oh, I’m Mordred! I was working as a bodyguard in town when Ellie here invited me to come to the ruins with him.

Hard to imagine you as a bodyguard… But I guess you look pretty strong, all things considered…

Soltrigger said:
Recruit the Cat Girl to your h̶a̶r̶e̶m̶ army!

I’m a wolfkin though!

Jaganad said:
This wolfgirl seems nice, befriend her! She's definitely a very intelligent, capable young lady with well-developed cutlery. Also maybe inquire about the undead horde.

I mean… Sure? It’s always nice to have more people.

Hehe I’d love to! And of course, my skelly friends are coming with me! I met them in the dungeon with John, they’re really nice people! Kinda quiet though.

Nyah haha!

So there we finally have it! A wizard and a mechanic, all an overlord needs to fix their tower and build their own sprawling empire! Time to go back to the tower and see how our Lily is getting acquainted to her new position.

You seem uncomfortable, is something wrong?

Umm… I mean… What is the deal with that… Er… Thing you’re wearing. It doesn’t cover much does it…

You know, I ask that myself all the time… But you know how magic armor works for girls in these things… As far as these go, I’ve seen worse in some magiorb games.

Finally! I cant wait to see my tower back to how it was in the glory days!

Hell yeah man, it will be nice getting back to our old haunt.

Yay new homie!

To have enough magic to power an entire structure… Exactly where did this crystal come from… Why did Lucia not destroy it along with the others…

You’ll see when we get there! We’re so close, and there’s no new characters in sight to interru–



Who is this new scantily clad lady, where did she come from, and what does she mean by her babies? Will the party ever get back to the tower? Find out, in the next episode of Ophi’s Quest!

Hey guys! Yeah. You there, looking at the computer. We got some announcements for you!

For all of you guys joining us now, we want to explain that when sending commands, they should control only our main character, Ophi. Other characters will act according to their personalities and beliefs!

Or else you’d be having everyone strip all the time, you pervs!

Thank you very much! Don’t forget to leave an action this time as well! See you next time!

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