So YOU are the ones who’ve been stealing my babies!

Oh no, another weirdo

Ooo, another friend!

Err, no, Mordred, that’s not a friend.


Genis94 said:
What the-? Why does she have mushminions?! And ones lacking in color too! Quickly, Ophi! Present yourself before them as their overlord and bring them into the fold!

I don’t know what you’re talking about, lady. These are MY loyal minions!

I’ve been taking care of them for years! Who do you think you are to boss my babies around?

How dare you talk like that to the great overlord?! I’ll show you some manners!

Okay okay how about we calm down and talk this out like normal people?

I’ll show you not to mess with my forest!

I guess not.

I should’ve stayed at home!!

TopKoak said:
Before she has time to think or say anything, have your shrooms and skellies diddle her fiddle.
Dark Strauss said:
Have her recruit the mushroom druid
furball said:
A dryad/faun? Fun times! Try to recruit her.... even if it needs some "persuasion".
Anzzi450 said:
Use those shadow tentacles on her!
Dvspuss said:
There haven’t been a lot of sex recently quick lwed the new girl
Eganrad said:
The lady is obviously the current leader of the mushminions, so let's kidnap her to ensure 100% loyalty!
James said:
Check out new scantily clad lady or Check out new scantily clad lady lustfully

It seems we’ll have to calm her down before we can talk. Hey old man, do something!

No need to tell me twice! I still got some juice in this armor!

Griss said:
I don't suppose John can summon any more skeletons to even the odds, can he? I'm assuming he had something to do with that; we never really confirmed.

Oh! Oh! I wanna play too! It’ll be fun!

Rise, minions, rise!!! Mwahahaha.


EvangelionLZ said:
Use the mage to turn the forest ladys own minions against her

Something tells me we can’t win against her with brute force…

No shit, Sherlock. Do something then, aren’t you a wizard?

I don’t know anything about nature magic, and I still haven’t recovered my spell slots since I went into the dungeons!

Ugh, no wonder you wizards are all two-pump chumps. Ceres, we need something to get those mushrooms back on our side!

OniEdgelord said:
Ophi: tell Ceres her minion control skill to try usurp the enemy’s minions. If you can’t then draw her sword 🗡 and prepare for battle!!!!

To turn them… Oh!


Wait.. what?

Knolden said:
Inquire who this scantily clad nature lover is. And why she has a lot of blue mushrooms when the normal ones are red?
Waponi wu said:
So why are the mushminions a different color?
Hi_nice said:
Do the purple caps have special abilities or is it more of a team color?
HoppingOn said:
Minions! But... not our own minions? Hmm, perhaps ask why these little fun-guys have a different taste in cap colouring?

So… There’s a technique to convert the blue caps into red caps?

Intriguing… I’ll have to study this later!

No mushrooms can resist the ancient technique of…

They resisted.


Ok, time out! Can we go back to the talking please? I’m sure our viewers are really confused right now.

Okay, but first you’ll have to tell me how does the big lady know the old art of druidcraft. There’s not many of us who know how to tame these little guys.

Well, beats me. Big lady, please answer the girl.

Well, Ranof The Beastmaster taught me a few secrets way back when… For some reason it didn’t work this time…

Well, it’s a very old technique. You need a bit more to tame them these days, they’re desensitized to the old arts. People used them too much… I’m impressed you know them still.

So … Are we good then?

Absolutely not! I still want you to leave my forest and my babies alone!

Bunnyana said:
Hey, elfboy seems to be straight, but ask him if he is, just to be sure. Also, big lady. Tell her the mushboys are just having fun with you and you did not force them to do anything suspicious.

Actually, I’m strictly into observing the sexual act…

Shush, Elgor! So, druidgirl, who are you anyway? I thought these forests were territory of the mouse guild. You’re not even a mouse!

I’ve been guarding this forest and it’s creatures for years, I’m….

I mean…

You mean…?

Those boobs…

I know, I know, the armor doesn’t cover anything… But hey, neither do those tiny leaves, pal.

Can I tou– *cough* I mean… They’re sooo…



The law… Yes, the law. The old druid law demands that I follow the warrior with the largest breasts in the forest.

Hihihi, she’s talking about your boobs :p

Well that was… Unexpected.

Okay right, that’s great and all but… Why?

They represent the bounty of mother nature, symbols of fertility and beauty!

And back pain. Mostly back pain.

… mm’Kay?

Shhh! Just play along! It’s our chance to just get the hell out of here and finally reach my tower. Hopefully, no more loonies pop up out of the brush.

Eep said:
Whoever this lady is, she looks like the type of person we want to be friends with. Recruit her with some sweet talk about how we're already making her "babies" stronger. She should come with us, and we can raise a big ol' weird family together!

Sigh… You guys…

Fine. I, Ophelia, blessed with… uh…

The Bountiful Bunny Boobs

The Gratuitously Gifted Gazongas?

The Biggest Bounciest Badonkadonks?

The Jugs of Jealousy?

Will you stop it! … Ahem, the…. Pillows of Pleasurable Prostration…

Oooh, yes!

God, this hurts to say… I demand that you, noble druid of the fungal forest, ally with me so we can raise the mushrooms not as minions but as… as a… a family! Yes. That’s it.

Yes! Finally, someone who understands… My grandpa Ranof always thought of them as servants but they should be treated as friends!


Wait… Go back, did you say Ranof?

Yeah, that’s my ‘pa. He taught me everything I know about taking care of the forest and the creatures!

I’m sure I knew someone with that name…

He’s never told me anything about an eyeball in a suit of armor.


I’m glad that you’re getting along but can we please get out of here before some new random NPC shows up and joins the party?

Huuh, yes! Im right behind you! Let’s go, little ones.

Bojangles said:
Ophi will try to command the purple shrooms or will both the red and purples show the greeting dance of their peoples? other wise have Ophi interrogate the deer... druid... deruid… the green lady with the leaf bikini.
Bainy said:
Give the purple Mushminions the welcome dance.
ProudOtaku said:
Have your mushrooms do the friend dance for the satyr/dryad girl and her purple-headed shrooms


That went better than expected.

Vandoom said:
More cute mushroom minions. Quick, hug and embrace the adorable creatures

So that means now we have more of these little guys!

I really need to take note of the political nature of the druid culture…

That’s all good and dandy but we still need to get back to the tower.

Cinder’s right! I can’t wait to see my base back to it’s former glory!

Finally! It feels like it’s been a whole year since I fell into that cave…

You mean that pointy thing over there?

We’re finally here!

Xig said:
Ask who that buxom satyr lady is. And maybe inquire about her gravity defying "leafes"?

Wait wait wait! Don’t end the post yet! We didn’t get around to asking, who are you anyway?

Oh, I’m Wendy, The Fungal Forest’s one and only druid! A pleasure to meet you… Now, can I please squeeze those?


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Yeah I had to click the final option. Fun romp in the tower with all the new girls. (Including the guard and brothel mice!) 😀

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