ID votes Name entrie
481 33 Magra Use Sapphire's magic to capture the sniper, and send her to the big shrooms!
482 23 KinkyQuill attempt parley with the sniper! she's probably not used to direct confrontation, what with her distance attack, so we might have advantage to talk things out? flirty compliments would also help.
483 12 CocaKoa Literally just bone rush the sniper and have someone sneak behind her during the confusion. Be wary of any throwable jars she may have though.
484 19 Terderrer With more long range threats such as this sniper, probably be good to invest in some long ranged, offensive and defensive options?
485 33 Genis94 Well, Ophi, you got that cool blue magic now, time to put it to use! Use that stealth to get close and the diamond skin to tank her retaliatory shot. Then... give her the PARALYZER!
486 9 Knolden If plan A does not work? Cast Invisibility on everyone and RUN FOR IT!
487 21 Raph Try to seduce the sniper, make her realize that she doesn't want to damage the skin of the beautiful and sexy new overlord. And then jump her.
488 33 Hobson Since we have access to invisibility magic Ophi should sneak behind the sniper and give her some surprise loveā„¢
489 14 OniegdeLord What a minute Ohpi if that sniper girl is here do you suppose that ninja is near by as a backup?
491 16 Knolden I wonder how Wendy and the Mushminions are doing while Ophi is getting shot at?
492 7 Colin That's some range. Now would be a great time for the Archer Mushies to rock up.
493 3 Master odahga We need to get to her and fast! use invisibility on mordred and ceres throw her o the sniper direction!
494 4 OniedgeLord Use dire snake sting on the sniper then shadow tentacles on her. (Also are those tentacles a spell or are they apart of the armor?)
495 2 Red Kill
496 0 Le Randome oh great, a sniper; two can play that game though! call in the shrooms, it's time for the peasant railgun!

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