ID votes Name entrie
422 55 Knolden Hmm. While the portal is tempting we need to expand our powerbase first. Back to the city with the egg, set up the fort as our first brothel for some income and see if we can get them to become Ophi's first vassal. Less taxes that way!
423 37 Knolden See if the Mayor will let us recruit one of the secretaries. We need a good number cruncher and administrator on the team and the secretaries havve huuuuge .... assets in that regard :D
424 33 Knolden Ophi needs to have some fun herself before she heads out. Maybe go give one of the new big shrooms a very thorough examination. Maybe test if their dicks fit in her ass or something?
425 23 insanepwny Send a small team to investigate the secret room while Ophi heads back to turn in this quest.
426 5 Bunnyana Make a stat enhancing omelette with it
427 16 Huginn Ophi should herself examine the dig. It's not good to let underling to have all the work and maybe fun.
428 21 Xig90 The cute mouse was a tax collector. There should be some "tax" still laying around. Search for it.
429 6 Knolden Take a quick look through the cavern door in the storeroom. Just to make sure there are no immediate surprises down there.
430 19 Vandoom While exploring the underground might be fun, we should get the egg back to town first. Let's see if any of the mushrooms have any BDSM gear to put the mouse fort leader in and bring her along as well. I am sure The mayor and townsfolks love it
431 19 OniedgeLord Take back the egg to the village. Got to complete our mission first!
432 12 Wiseguy Maybe you could send some mushrooms back to the town that the head mouse is located and see what she is up to. Also have the scouts gather information on the other towns and their current state, never hurts to be prepared.
433 20 Vandoom Lets send a scout shroom into the cavern scout ahead while we finish up the egg situation

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