Our First Voice Actors!

Ophi’s Quest has been in the planning stage for longer than we’d care to admit, and in our little megalomaniac minds, we’d really love to make it into a game one day! And for that purpose, we’ve contacted several actresses and actors who work in the voice acting industry to be the voices of our lovely characters, this page is in their honor! It goes without saying that this page contains spoilers about characters that have not yet appeared in the story!

First of all, our blonde boobs bunny, Ophi! She’s voiced by Erin Wylard, who’s very much new to the NSFW acting business, but has an a-ma-zing voice, as y’all can hear. Erin can be reached at her twitter @erinwyvoices and through email at erinwyvoices@outlook.com

Following her, our chuunibyou overlord turned boob accessory, Larahmal! You’ll see though, he’s actually a pretty sensitive guy! Larahmal is voiced by Maurice Thomas, who brought Larahmal to life perfectly with his acting. If you want to contact him, this is his page.

Next, Ophi’s best friend in the cold town of Gouda, Lily, the Machinist! Her shy and cutesy personality is a perfectly embodied by Shiyon, a well versed NSFW voice actress forged by the fires of newgrounds, you can reach her via email at shiyonvoices@gmail.com

Elgor was a fun one to create, and his voice was surprisingly easy to find as well. And on a dude with a fitting nickname: David Blowey. I’m missing his contact information at the time of writing this article, but I will correct this mistake as soon as humanly possible!


Hey I told you Erin was talented, that’s cause she is. We couldn’t help asking her to do Ceres as well. Without wanting to spoil so much, you’ll see much more of our strong evil paladin when she pops up in the story!

And last but not least, Ember and Cinder, voiced by JVA25 on Casting Call Club, and SilkyMilk, another very experienced voice actress, respectively. You’ll hear a lot of the good and bad conscience as they advise you on how to best proceed with the game!

Wait, did I say last? How could I have forgotten! Of course, I couldn’t finish this post without mentioning the wonderful Narrator (whom you’ll still see a lot of), Isaak Wells who was so kind to bring us (digitally) into his studio so we could record live with him!

And this time for real, last but not least, it goes without saying that Ophi’s enemies also need to speak a little before they are fucked beaten into oblivion! Our last voiced character for now is Bleu D’Auvergne, the Queen of The Outer Rim Merchant’s Guild, The Vault Keeper, Leader of the Debt Collectors, Yadda Yadda Yadda

Bleu is voiced by Alexia poisonousbeauty on tumblr, yet another gloriously sultry sexy voice for our collection of tallented actresses.

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