minion pet walking
ID votes Name entrie
722 30 Genis94 Well, she hopefully can't attack and defend at the same time, right? Lupin, try to wait for the moment she drops her defenses and get your chains around her so she can't cast so easily!
723 19 CarameLatte Set ship to ramming speed, time to see if Light Priest is resistant to ship damage.
724 17 Magra Tell Lupin to keep firing in waves as he flies back, try to lure her into the archers and keep draining her mana pool, if he can move closer to the army, they can add their fire power to the attack!
725 23 ArdenW Is she able to attack through the barrier she's raised? If not, stop wasting ammo fruitlessly and wait to use your reactions for the instant she drops her shield!
726 17 MAXMIUM Lupin seems good a pissing people off right? Try trash talking Ms.Priest so she get's distracted trying to pummel him. While preoccupied she should drop her guard and take some hits. Lupin she seems strong so try to to evade her as you antagonize her
727 12 john pull the ship love over gouda and employ evasive maneuvers! surely a priest of light would hesitate if missing means destroying innocentโ€™s houses
728 10 Hsif Ecaf The ship's navigator should have meteorology expertise Right? So find cloud with lot's of friction and lure the Priest under it. With all the metal she's wearing she'll become a conductor. That should buy us some time till her magic burns out.
729 13 Galaxy Brain Use Ophi and Laramal's powerful 'Lust Blast' attack from the ground (if it has the necessary range) while consulting Sapphire for methods to expedite the priest's magic depletion. The faster she runs out of magic the better.
730 11 ๐Ÿ˜Ž ๐Ÿ˜Ž ๐Ÿ˜Ž ๐Ÿง ๐Ÿง Try asking the priest if instead of killing us, she would rather be a sexy waitress in our army. I'm sure she's probably never gotten an offer like that before. This seems like a mutually beneficial opportunity.
731 17 Knolden What's happening below deck? Is Puddin ok?
732 12 Krogar Does mass have anything to do with it? Could Donk throw a barrel at her or something? Heavier stuff than bullets.
733 17 oh... Oh Nah. Maybe Lupin should try saying as many annoying ass puns at her as possible. So she's get's distracted trying to end the migraine caused by the brain blending onslaught of stupid.
734 13 Krogar Is Tael up in the crows nest? Can he get a good shot from up there?
735 24 Gorf Did Puddin get hit by that big laser blast? Is she ok? ..... Did she lose her shirt perhaps? Actually how are things going below deck?
736 42 Joe M. That laser is powerful but there's gotta be a way to stop it, right? Try using a mirror to reflect it.
737 11 DDD8865 Does Lupin's ship still have that direct portal link to our tower? If so we should send Lily's worker droid prototype through and have it make repairs to the ship so it outlasts the Preist's magic power supply. We should also try to drain her magic.
738 8 Terderrer She might have an aversion to lust energy or lewd things? See if doing anything horny weakens her barrier. Or atleast lower her guard.
739 7 K So uh... how far did Ceres send that Paladin? If we can manipulate fate a bit... what are the odds the Paladin crashes into our floating bitch.

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