dick lover caretaker
ID votes Name entrie
497 46 Knolden Oh no Mordred got a bruised boob. Clearly she needs one of those healing fruits up her butt.... Just to be safe of course.
498 46 Magra Morderd took a serious risk going after the sniper, she deserves a reward, perhaps in the form of some "alone time" with the Bunny Overlord~
499 24 Bushi The Art of War is upon us! Show Bleu we're good with deception too. Have Elgor and Lily contribute some and spread disinformation about our abilities through the grapevine via some lies and exaggerations. Maybe she'll waste her resources.
500 33 Genis94 I get the distinct impression that these smugglers are gonna be happy to see a bunch of scantily clad ladies coming to them for help. And we don't exactly have much gold to offer right now. Welp, time to use those assets, ladies.
501 20 Knolden Can we have Eigor oversee a second construction group instead of researching temporarily if we need to? To help get the basics up and running.
502 27 Therapist Organize a gang bang, every girl gets to experience deep anal!
503 15 Bunnyana Knock on whatever door they have and talk to the boss.
504 16 Lula That looks an awful lot like a pirate ship. I wonder if they know of any treasure that could help get you out of the red...
505 13 Booyah Wendy should send a Mushie ahead with a white flag carrying and a sign that asks whatever is guarding the door if they can talk.
506 12 CocaKoa How did a dog not smell where the sniper was and tell that the ears were fake before getting close?
507 10 Red 1st of all; stop breaking the fourth wall. 2nd of all; why not just fuckā€™em?
508 13 Terderrer Anyway to 4th wall break and convert the perverted thought energy from the comments into useful stuff for the party? Maybe as some extra points into research and development for things that have not been voted for yet?
509 8 Matt Maybe it would be best if we spend some time focusing on a way to get some money income from our tower up and running?
511 14 Master odahga No! Don't stop breaking the fourth wall! but I agree to just fuck them...
512 9 OniegdeLord Ophi: wonder if that brothel is built yet because we need to get the other rooms build/opened in the tower
513 11 Knolden Give Monna the tax collector to Nessa and Senna as a personal slave when the village is done with her. She knows useful stuff about finances which makes her a good assistant and it allows Nessa and Senna to reward minions properly by using her.
515 0 Randalljeode [url=http://iawbs.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=413134]http://iawbs.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=413134[/url]

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