minion pet walking
ID votes Name entrie
757 34 Lortor Check on wendy, let her heals any injured mushies!
758 76 CarameLatte Topless law - All residents must be topless at all times, materials used to create such clothing now put to better use. Failure to do so will result in a minimum of 4 days generating lust power. Repeat offenders are put into enslavement.
759 24 Joe M. Ludias took quite the beating! Is he all right? Can he be repaired?
760 37 Knolden Party time in town. The common citizenry is probably real tired of all of Bleu's taxes and fuckery too. Let them join in on the fun and make free use of all the defeated soldier sluts. Also might want to get catering from streamlake for a long party.
761 32 Booyah We promised Lupin and his crew a go at Bleu as well. After Ophi has worked out a bit of frustration on her . Letting our smuggler friends have her as a little sex toy to pay them back with interest for a day or two at the party seems fitting yes?
762 38 Terderrer Fortify the area and list all the resources we now have under our control. Possibly turn all of Gouda into a lust generator. Promote some more mushies to hero classes and delegators. Possibly have Bleu be Ophi's secondary damage dealer by her side.
763 40 Genis94 Well, we've got plenty of captive soldiers and plenty of mushies that deserve a reward for their efforts. Why not solve our morale and population issues in one move?
764 18 john The most important thing is roads, ensure ease of travel between each point of interest on the island, all roads leading back to the tower. from this, trade goods move easier and any rebellion or intrusion can be quickly met and dealt with.
765 33 MrAnonymouse007 Recruit sexy citizens into the army. Mix up the mushie lines with some T&A. Surely there is mouse specializations the mushies don't have. Probably need more craft/trade/worker-mice for the larger war camps on campaign.
766 16 Milk We need a big feast and orgy to celebrate!!
767 9 Fackenell Our empire needs an identity. It's time to start declaring Holidays. Mark today's date as Liberation Day, a national holiday to celebrate our first victory. Also should alternate bi-weekly between Taco Tuesdays and topless Tuesdays.
768 8 Nexus Make the assassin mouse part of the team by convincing her by any means
781 0 DDD72 I think as a show of power we make Bleau carry heavy materials to Build a massive statue of Larahmal in the center of every city on this island we now control. Some good old fashioned back breaking nude labor the should teach her place her as well.

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