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636 37 Magra Tell the lab to start producing lust bombs! with the lust metal and our constant stream of lust energy, we could make bombs to use with the big shrooms, they can lob them over walls and turn our enemies into a big, steaming lesbian mouse orgy!
637 26 Knolden Have Sphere, Steve and Kamusha airdropped into the city from Lupin's airship using parachutes and a chameleon spell. Then they can start sabotaging supply lines and place lust bombs around the place. Maybe even "interrogate" a mousie official or two.
638 17 Knolden Use Lupin's ship to mount an attack from the Harbor when the siege is well underway. Reassure him that we can repair his ship or give him a new and bigger one when we win.
639 17 Genis94 I say we let Mordred and Sapphire face the big guy and priestess when the time comes if we have to divide our forces. Given their specialties, it would make it an even fight.
640 29 Booyah Make a division of Mushies whose task is specifically to... Use Mousies captured during the battle to create as much lust energy as possible for Ophi to use during the siege. With orders to get inventive and not just breed. :3
641 27 Booyah Can we equip Ludias with MIGHTY BATTLEFISTS so that he can help the siege team batter the gates down? Unlike his fight with Bleu a big wooden gate cannot dodge! :D
642 21 K Give kamusha a lust rifle or if possible a smaller one so during infiltration he can lustify a few back liners.
643 15 Dead Eye How attatched to his ship is lupin? Would he be willibg to lets say crash his ship into the wall to breach it?
644 21 Larkin If it's less time consuming could you just make lust powder you can just release into the air and maybe have some unit sneak in and deploy it from some towers or the Lupin's airship mid siege? Or stick bags/barrels of it in Mordred's skeleton's ribs.
645 21 Krogar Visit Val'Mythra in the forge and have her and Lily build siege ladders and portable battering rams for the Mush groups assaulting the walls.
646 21 Krogar Have Wendy, Lily, Val'Mythra, Elgor and the two lovely and Voluptuous assistants Put the tower in anti-ninja mouse lady mode just in case when Ophi moves out. In fact the Assistants should stay in the core room as they lack any combat skills.
647 22 GALAXY BRAIN Yes, Mordred understands the best plan is to PUNCH things. Listen to her sage wisdom, not take away her cookies; Scratch her behind the ears instead. You can trust me I have a GALAXY BRAIN!!!
648 17 Pinky Isn't there a portal to the inner realm of the lust hearth? Would it be possible to recruit dark elves for their magic in like a day?
649 22 K Wait the narrator mentioned more creatures... how many were sealed? Also i found this weird phrase on a brick, maybe try it. up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A and Start
650 19 Strategic Head So what type fo seige are we doing? Are we trying to win in one rush or is it a war of attrition? If its the latter, we need to simply seal their means of escape and have steve's team take out the food supply. Also if we deploy range, watch for ninja
651 21 Nar'ator Deploy the miner shrooms in divisions to make breach points in the wall while the main gates are rushed as a distraction. Also can we teach the diver shrooms to do sweet flips and ice skating. Acrobatics are usedul and distracting
652 22 PickeyPackcy Can Ophi ZEXAL-morph with Cinder and Ember to gain the power of Rank-up-Magic!? Ranking up our tunnel exploration away team may be able to give them a survival Edge.
653 16 BenJel Even if Wendy cannot directly partake in battle, she can still buff everyone. Especially Steve, Kamusha, and Speere. IDK how long her buffs last. Yet, based on their mission except for an early struggle, they should be relatively low profile.
654 19 ArdenWolf Okay, is this a legit siege where we are going to wait them out until lack of resources causes a surrender, or siege until the assault is ready? For the former, do lots of lusty things outside to lower enemy morale and cause defections!
655 15 MEEMEGA We should attack the gate farther from the guild first as a distraction, then while they funnel their forces at that gate we break through the other. This will allow us to surround the enemy and sneak our Heros into the guild.
656 18 MEEMEGA Steve, Kamusha, and Speere should bring a leafling with them in the off chance Bleau has Epic Minions, to get them high.
657 15 MAXIMUM Necromancers are weak to Priests right, also she may have backup from that big sumbitch? However, Mordred seems dead set on fighting her, so she should have backup too. So Hanna and Sapphire should watch her 20.
658 20 MAXIMUM Ophi you should copy the Sniper's Rune Gun, Cere's Sword and Steve's Kunai.
659 17 L-P We should prepare armor for our Bigshrooms and have them fitted with riot shields. Val'Mythra should prepare this and weapons better than sticks for our basic minions.
660 14 OniedgeLord Mordred & Jotariel you’d be careful. The big guy seems tough but the priestess is the greater threat. she’s got divine spells: turn undead (destroy skeletons); hold person; shield of faith, ect. And she buff and heal the big guy. u 2 be on your guard
661 18 OniEdgelord Since you got the blacksmith forge up why don’t you train some slayershrooms and archershrooms. They might be very useful in the upcoming battle.
662 16 Annzi What about the spy eye at Norta’s research base. Maybe we could gather resources from there to aid us in the siege (and some more mouse girls🐁 for more lust)
663 9 DDD8865 How about before we even attack we send in our divershrooms into Gouda before we attack, from the docks. Armed with leaflings, they should go around striping and intoxicating people. This will distract the active guards, simplifying the wall breach.
664 9 Crim Poison their water by putting shrubbies in it.
665 9 Terderrer I assume that the main cast and the shroomies have some immunity and or resistance to lust power , is there anyway we can use the secret tunnels to expel a great amount of lust energy so that Bleu and all the other enemies will be majorly distracted?
666 3 Spire How about we take the tower and plop it in the center of their base. Or we somehow make the tower capable of magic to create a lustfield. Worse case senario we eject the tower off the island and into the abyss, where we can rebuild.
667 2 Le Randome how is it that riding the shrubs haven't given the crew spell casting abilities yet? we need us some magic mushrooms! also, about the wank thing, i'm not saying it just for horny's sake; but my dear twins, you are literally surrounded by lust-
668 3 Tactician We should attack under the cover of night; If possible with the wind but, defiantly not against it. This will hide our troops in sight and sound. Also lets have Archershrooms with flaming arrows attack the wall and behind the fort to limit opp moves
669 2 LeRandome -in all facets of life now. sooner or later it’ll start interfering with your judgement, and I think we can agree that this won’t do. so if you do start to feel hot and bothered, take the time to rub one out, and clear your heads, okay?

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