dog leashed ass view
ID votes Name entrie
518 22 Knolden Call the secretaries on the crown screen and get them and their little slave to start getting the minions organized so Ceres can plan the defense.
519 19 Booyah Contact Wendy and her new Girlfriend and tell them of the situation. Maybe they can sneak up behind the enemy commanders?
520 18 Bellesixa Send them an invite to the have some "fun" with some of the big mushies.
521 24 Beth Aren't there any groups of scouts in the surrounding area? Can Ophi call on them to sneak up while letting Ceres use the mushies to keep focus on the tower?
522 22 OniedgeLord Ask Ceres if you can copy her two-handed sword with your copy weapon ability (got to get a another melee weapon)
523 13 The Polish Fortifications! Dig trenches, setup mines, establish barricades and choke points, but boiling oil over the choke points, pitfall traps, well... Maybe the last two are a bit ambitious at this stage... In general fortify the outside.
524 16 Vandoom If we can, Perhaps we can throw off the attacker's focus by streaming what's happening to Monna and some of the other mice at the brothel.
525 24 Genis94 Well, Mordred... Time for payback! Once we can locate the sniper, we can encircle her with skellies and get the jump on her!
526 22 Mlk we should take advantage of out skills here. first we use "spy eye" to figure out what is happening. if unable to we could scout with the mush-minions" once we figure that out we use some of our stun spells.
527 35 Knolden Could we use the fact that these sexually repressed mouse girls are so very close to the heart of lust? Have some mushies and followers put on a show. Hit the enemy right in the horny to put them off balance before the fight.
528 22 Knolden Have the mushies corral their pets and get ready to unleash the tide of ADORABLE NARCOTIC SHRUBBERY!
529 8 Gren Only noobs use the town bell! We shouldn't be recalling every minion, just the ones in danger!
530 12 Knolden Ask Lupin if his flying ship has got any weapons or something that could help?
531 7 David Blowie Initiate self destruct
533 1 Lorem Ipsm How about just opening up the front door and letting them come into the throne room, with the mushies hiding in the shadows with collars ready to latch them onto the attackers at the ankles

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