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ID votes Name entrie
694 41 ArdenW This is silly but we've got a ton of Ludt power if I am reading the bar correctly. Any chance Ophi could strip and seduce Bleu? Power of Lust Bunny Overlord?
695 13 Dushtar Quick, disorientate Bleu with pocket sand!
696 21 Knolden While Mordred keeps her distracted with swordfight and skellies Ophi should shift to her new staff and blast the bitch with ALL THE MAGIC!!!!
697 18 OniedgeLord Ohpi use your tentacles to disable Bleu! Also copy Bleu’s keyblade things
698 14 MAXIMUMMALEMODE Larm, Ophi... Send Mordred and Joriel back... Bleau Seems like the kind of person who has tricks up her sleeves. You have acquired many skills and weapons, use them but not all at once. Keep her on her toes, and finish her when she gets sloppy.
699 19 Hobson Do the sexy splits, for massive confusion
700 7 Genis94 We've already seen Bleu is fast and agile, but she can't avoid attacks from all directions! Have the skellies keep her busy and strike when there's an opening!
701 20 Booyah Could Ophi burn some lust energy to send out an omnidirectional blast of very horny when Bleu is worn down to make her submissive and breedable? XD
702 6 Knolden If you get the chance to do it then strip Bleu naked and submit her to the most epic tentacle raping in history so the greedy mouse cannot walk for a week.
703 10 Booyah Mordred. The Next time Bleu pulls off those fancy blocking moves with her keys? Pull out the forbidden technique and punch her in the boob!
704 8 Knolden I hope Mordred brought her strap-on. Then Ophi can Copy it to show Bleu her place once the bitch is beaten down.
705 4 Joe M. Isn't the gate still open? Surely we could send a small amount of units through to: 1, stop the enemy reinforcements, if any; 2, distract Bleu (if she cares); 3, reinforce Ludias if we have time.

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