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537 19 GreenTom Have Hanna cast an illusion to force a retreat of the eastern side of the enemy force, so our troops don't get surrounded. Then once they're all packed, time for some AoE : Fireball time!
538 29 CarameLatte Hannah and Wendy improvise with getting their Mushminion's to stack up, give them their clothes to dress up as them both, cast a little illusion magic to perfect the disguise and have them run out to draw out the Sniper and Ninja.
539 64 Genis94 If I were a ninja, I'd probably try to sneak past the chaos to take out the enemy commanders. Ophi, you might want to get that diamond skin spell ready...
540 56 Knolden Have Sapphire cast invisibility on some scouts and Leaflings and have them sneak around to disable the bomb girls.
541 45 Knolden Have Ludias charge into the middle of the enemy formation and see if he can disrupt the ranks. He is a giant metal freight train of a robot after all.
542 27 Kokubo Quick Ophi type howdoiturnthison if my videogame knowledge is correct you should get cars with machine guns!
543 45 DollMaidCrystal Wendy should use the element of surprise to take out the demolition squads. If the enemy can no longer damage the tower, our forces can pull back to the fortifications.
544 109 Knolden Get the divershrooms to use their knives to rip holes in in the uniforms of or entirely strip naked as many mousie's as they can to sow embarrassment and confusion!
545 14 Beth We need to locate the sniper and the ninja! Maybe an illusion to make it look like a sneak attack from the rear to try and draw them out!
546 32 Knolden Ophi make sure you watch Elgor and Lily's backs. Ninja's target the smart people after all.
547 59 KinkyQuill got to keep the psychological warfare fresh. have monna change positions occasionally, and/or change 'performers' if anyone has time between their assignments. it'll slow the enemy units, and if maybe the heroes will get revealed if we hit their kink
548 12 OniegdeLord Wait a minute I’ve played dynasty warriors before!? Ohpi try to defeat the officers/ unit leaders that way enemy morale can be lowered and they will retreat any your units can rout them.
550 22 OniegdeLord How is that blacksmith room coming along? We got to get some slayershrooms and archers for our forces.
551 16 ArdenW Is there any prototype crabbie gear lying around for the mushminions? Something long and pointy like a lance? If yes, give it to any reserve shrooms and mount them on Shrublings. Charge the other flank and take out their archers and bombers!
552 17 Lorem Ipsm-2 Now hear me out, this is a stupid plan, but what if, and I mean *what if*, we had the bigshrooms use the... sluts/captives/really into sex mice as shields. The enemy wouldn't dare hit their own when they are having their brains fucked out? Right?
553 41 Anonymous Ear You hear that? That's the sound of a sniper getting the perfect vantage point that gives them the largest line of sight at the enemy line. That narrows down the possible location of the sniper to the two rock formations on the left bottom of the map.
554 9 Archon of Blood You disappoint me Larly. YOU of all people should know how CONQUEST should go, but your just washed up and entranced by LUST. What has that demoness done to you? All you have on your side is speed, SO RUSH THEM YOU FOOL.
555 29 Sapphire Fan So uh.. doesn't sapphire have Ice basilisk breath? How much of the opposing army could she stun... It is a quick cast, so that also brings into question how many times she can cast it.
556 10 Lupert 👌
557 27 drMAD Send mushscouts in to surprise attack the rear, specifically trying to neutralize grenadiers. Druidic magic to enhance as many mushsoldiers as possible while Hanna protects. Nothing to be done about enemy heroes until they reveal themselves...
558 23 No cedar Just do all the Sex moves
559 19 Terderrer Have the scout shrooms look for the sniper and ninjas while Wendy and her group flank. If possible have some of the big shrooms or skeletal soldiers try to grab some of the enemy bombs and attack enemy groups with them.
560 22 MAX We need a MacGuffin, we need a Hail Mary. We need Wendy to order the Leaflings to (using the forest as cover) surround the enemies and rub against their main force getting them too high to listen to or follow orders.
561 20 MAX Use the mushminions (that Wendy controls) to cut the main forces off from behind, so they cant escape to the forest I suspect the Priest is out of range from the spy-eye at some sort of camp to send heal wounded fresh soldiers based on return reports
562 22 MAX I don't think its good to keep sending our best fighters away while we got a ninja on the lose. Call back Mordred as her nose combined with Ophi bunny ears will detect the ninja location as she sneaks through the tower. The skellies can beat 1 ninja.
563 24 MAX Is there some way to steal those bombs like there vanguard is close together, and will stay that way if they wish to storm the tower. As we are walled on 4 sides. They are also well protected so bombs wont damage them too 😅 much.
564 28 MAX Is there a way to get the enemy naked? That way the leaflings can get them high easier. With the enemy high, horny, nude, and embarrassed they'll operate so bad a regular shroom could beat the vanguard 1v1. Debuffs for the win!!!
565 9 DILLIGAF Ophi kick that ninjas ass, then giver her a god tentacleing.

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