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578 70 Knolden Mordred needs her revenge so she should grab the biggest Strap-on Lily has and destroy that snipers ass while molesting her tits!
579 61 Knolden Elgor got all hurt. We should totally dress some followers up as slutty nurses to pamper him, patch him up and cheer him up. He deserves it.
580 54 Terderrer We got a lot done in this battle! Can we see if there is anyway to use the captured mice army for their skills, abilities, and techniques to teach our group before we use them as lust energy? Feel like sniper guns and rune bullets would be helpful.
581 38 Kokubo Well the rune sniper has her fate sealed (like her holes when Mordred gets to her punishment) as for the rest of them... Then yeah some should become Elgor slaves and the rest can go to the mushies
582 29 The Polish He heh, Life Fibers, *Insert Steve Rogers "I got that reference" meme*
583 47 The Polish Right so, this assault has clearly showed us that we are woefully underprepared when it comes to being attacked. We should take some time to assess what happened during the siege, what went well, what can be improved and setup better defences.
584 39 KinkyQuill surely, once brainwashed, we can use our new captives for more than just lust power. let's take the shogi method by bolstering our army with captured units!
585 40 KinkyQuill throw the sniper into a prison cell, unbrainwashed. the potential of her gun tech and insight to our enemy is too valuable to just wipe for lust. perhaps if negotiations go well, she'll be a powerful general for us!
586 52 Knolden Make like proper pirates and loot EVERYTHING from the battlefield. Good metal and weaponry to be had!
587 38 Booyah If there is to be a party I sure hope Puddin is going to show us how good she is with that delicious THICC smuggler butt of hers!
588 47 Booyah Ask the secretaries if they want to join in on the fun and "destress" after all the strain of managing the logistics during the battle? ;)
589 45 MAX If we breed or minions with these soldiers, we should get combat ready minions. Also we should be able to better equip.
590 43 MAX Ophi and Hanna should hug. The mass of titty meat collapsing in on each other may cause new powers to spontaneously materialize from thin air this close to the Heart of Lust. At least it will give a good show to Wendy, since she has a thing for you 2
591 25 MAX We should think about the exploitable info that ninja will return with Also in prep for a 2nd wave you should bury leftover bombs & have Lupin make Mollys to detonate them as makeshift landmines But first we should work on converting these soldiers
592 36 eep I'm betting a lot of these mice are conscripts or mercenaries, and Bleu doesn't seem like the nicest person to be working for. Let's start by showing the captives that we'd be more fun to work for and see who's ready to live free and sexy with us!
593 21 Le Randome alright, shows over, and we have the mush that wil peirce the heavens, but offence is something that damned well needs looking into; if the schematic for that golem are still about, we might be able to revise them as mech suits for the shrooms, and -
594 24 Booyah When we are done partying hard and everyone has had at least five good fucks... Maybe we should have a poke at that portal Hanna was guarding?
595 20 Ridershroom Mush Mush...Muuuush.. Mush. Mush? Mush Mush. Moo. Mush Mush Mu MushMush.
596 14 Blaster Sas Damn that rune sniper had a large barrel... I sure as hell wonder if it would "fit" somewhere real nicely. I bet it would be a very effective "tool" in the right "being".
597 9 Archon of Blood Well Larly, despite relying on your "servants", you pulled through. I did not see any BLOOD and am greatly disappointed. Fill your hearth, as you clearly need it. I'll leave a shard of my blessing to your vessel should you ever crave conquest again.
598 24 Lorem Ipsm-2 A shame we couldn't use the classic tactic, but.... after everyone is well rested and ready to mount an assault, can we try that tactic of strapping sex mice on bigshrooms to march towards the enemy stronghold?
599 17 Vandike I bet Mr. Smuggler could get by with a couple of personal sluts for him and his crew for his role in this. Just... lets say.. 2-3 captives per crew... That will absolutely buy his loyalty, for the foreseeable future.
600 13 Honor Guard I think Ludias deserves some nice greasing and a shiny new axe. Also since he was chopping wood, if there's any scrap wood or supplies around, we should set up extra defensive walls and pikes while we still have the chance.
601 18 Thinker Hey we got their weaponry and stuff! Will this help us speed up work on a smithy once we decide to make that? Also I want to see if we can strap just a bunch of crossbows on ludias or the shrublings for intimidation.
602 10 The Ex-Holder Uhhhh... I was just dosing off and why is... "he" free? Also what ever you do, DON"T LET HIM INFLUENCE STEVE. I don't want to deal with another of those mushy devils..... I'm afraid theres no way to bring "him" back into the seal... so good luck. lol
603 18 K Huh... didn't know the window was wide open. Maybe we should install grates on it. or bars. or at least a railing. we don't want anyone to fall out. or do whatever bullshit that ninja just did.
604 13 smoothie how dare that ninja harm our elgor... That must hurt you sweet man. would you prefer the magical medical treatment of anus fruit, or just regular bandages and ample amount of boobs?
605 13 Meemega So in the case that ninja mouse lady comes back we should set up some glue traps. I mean she's a mouse and a ninja if we go by Pokémon logic she should be X4 weak to them.
606 12 Meemega Wait can the Ridershroom break the forth wall well enough fuck with the narrator!? Is that why the Narrator didn't want to release him!? Also is it possible that he's responsible for muting him earlier!?
608 8 OniegdeLord Ophi ask Hanna whats up with her eyes was she cursed or something.
609 7 ArdenW Just taking a look at our inventory here. We've got a decent amount of lumber, I think. Any way we can set our POWs to work building some new wooden fortifications?
610 10 Genis94 Well, I personally think that after his part in this Lupin deserves a mouse of his own. And it'd be rather poetic revenge if Mordred tossed him the sniper to be his breeding bitch.
611 7 OniegdeLord Let check in with our spy eyes and get some information

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